Friday, March 4, 2011

Having a bloody cow at Mignon Steak and Grill

Well, looks like the "I am tight, I am poor" is becoming a leitmotif on my blog.

So still feeling broke, B1 and I went to eat at Mignon Steak and Grill last Saturday (I think), which is one of the small restaurant outlets at Takahshimaya's basement food section. Auf wiedersehen, Prime Society. Goodbye S$68 300gm ribeye, for which I got ripped off...and didn't get a pic, because of my stupid work. Just like Lei Garden all over again. Ah Lei Garden! Your magnificent foie gras fried with beef... manna between my teeth.

I could go on forever on the food I can no longer afford to eat. But I digress. So being cheapo now, the two of us wandered around the basement food section, instead of the 4th and 5th floor restaurants as we usually do. B1 was conned into eating some US of A cow meat while I decided to stick to mixed grill as a form of penance for my recent sinning. I love mixed grill, it always come with sausages, my fave, and an egg on top. The fish I can live without. This mixed grill however, has a egg so cooked, it hardened just coming to me, like a horny man (oh I flatter myself). The fish was the usual cheap, stinky dory =d. But I did like the sauce even if I hate capsicums. 

B1 on the other hand, had some really bloody cow. If that is medium, rare must come with the actual cow. The paradox was that, staring at the blood leaking from the meat you would think it was super tender. Well, it was like chewing on old leather.

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