Sunday, March 27, 2011

Congratulate me! I finally reclaimed my stupid gmail address

It's all those stupid Chinese hackers' fault. I went to change all my gmail passwords last year after the hacking attack on Google servers. And then of all the passwords, this was the only one I forgot, and it was the most important one, because it was my personal one. 

And then after so many months of guessing wrongly what is my favourite food, and also realizing the futility because the recovery email address had been cancelled, so effectively I am stuck... finally Google decided to change the password recovery process. 

I didn't succeed the first time, but second time I did, and now I logged in realizing that there are so many email spam!!! And also finally found my family friend's email address. My nephew is now 6 months. I was supposed to tell the guy. Damn.

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