Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I have been largely Silent

I have been stunned into silence by the devastation wrecked on Japan since last Friday. B1 lost contact with his penpal, who is pregnant with her third child. The American mommy whose blog I read has to abandon her beloved husband and house and flee for the safety of her two boys.

Everywhere people are suffering.  I logged into Facebook (using my friend's acc) looking at my colleague's recent Japan trip photos. Every photo seemed to reflect a forgotten past, a slice of an idyllic life no more.

I read the news with dreaded fascination, it's like a terrible accident that you cannot help staring at it incomprehensibly. I take heart at the miracles, and admire the patience of the civilians still queuing patiently for their rapidly depleting resources, quietly salvaging the remains of their homes instead of looting and causing more harm as we have seen in many of such situations before. I am especially  in awe of the Fukushima Fifty, the group of 180 Fukushima plant employees who returned to the scene even despite being evacuated this morning for their safety, to continue battling the fires, explosions and radiation leaks and pump water to cool down the reactors in rotating shifts of 50. Samurais, every last one of them, sacrificing themselves so that others can live.

I would like to say something though. Shut up Eric Besson, you b***dy ***. Instead of rendering help, you bitch about how the Japanese "lost control about the situation". Well, frankly no one expected this amount of damage, or this unholy scene in the first place. At least they are doing whatever they can, which is more than I can say about you.

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