Friday, March 4, 2011

Identity crisis - Flirtation with an Onkel

I haven't been blogging for a while. 

My thoughts had been preoccupied by $, $ and more $. I was having a pretty bad week.

But yesterday something funny happened.

I went to the hawker centre for lunch. The hawker (who looked like he could be my father) from whom I ordered from tried to flirt with me. I found it quite funny, entertaining and very innocent. Ah how my standards have fallen. But still, it did lift my mood. Haha.

Conversation in Mandarin:
Onkel: Are you local? [why do they always ask this?]
Me: Why?
Onkel: Because your smile is so sweet that uncle cannot move for a while *ohmigod!!!*
Me: *laughing* Uncle, you are so sweet-tongued.
Onkel: if you are not married, Uncle will woo you.

Too bad he didn't give discount. Wtf.

I can never understand why I always get the "are you local?". Where the hell do they think I come from?

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