Sunday, March 20, 2011

Genghis Khan @ Marina Bay Sands ArtScienceMuseum

I am extremely picky when it comes to office events. Usually I'd rather finish my work than go blow an hour or two on flying a kite at Marina Barrage or something lame. 

But when I heard that the office was organizing a visit to the ArtScienceMuseum at the Marina Bay Sands Casino (you know, the building shaped like a flower/ buddha hand next to the Singapore River), I really perked up. At S$30 a ticket, it was an opportunity I wasn't going to ignore. In fact I was so determined that I even wrangled a ticket for B1. I even opted to go for a really super hypocritical event that happened before the museum visit, because they said they were giving tickets there. You see the event was nearer to my office, so I thought I would go for the tickets there and return to work. Damn, after I was conned into going, they said the tickets were going to be distributed at the museum directly, and I couldn't get out of going for the event. So I had to attend the event, and then travel back to office from the Casino after getting the tickets.

But it was worth all the pain, even though I was super exhausted the next day from all the walking back and fro Marina (spent my entire Saturday sleeping). I strategized like mad, and got B1 to drive me at 5pm from work (in the end, he was late) so that we could watch the special performances the museum was throwing that night. 

We got there at 630pm, and spent the next 3.5 hours wandering the building and watching the two performances, the Mongolian Throat Singing & Musical Performance by Khan Bogd Ensemble and A Journey Along the Silk Road - Song & Dance of the Uighur. 

Exhibition wise, I can't say it was worth S$30. I was super glad that I got the tickets free. On Friday, there were only three exhibitions, the Genghis Khan, the Silk Road and Shipwrecked: Tang Treasures and Monsoon Winds. Well, yes, the museum got a lot of exhibits from various museums and collections from all over the world, even the super creepy Princess Giant mummified figure. But on hindsight, I think the museum put in a lot of music, drapery and partitions to maze up the entire area  and build the ambience so as to kind of camouflage the fact that the place is too big versus the variety of content they have to show.. The fourth floor was really lame, cos it was just two amphitheater-like areas showcasing the building architecture itself. Eh... 

I did like the performances though, especially the former by the Mongolian ensemble. Too bad for my colleagues who went home early. =P And I also love collecting chops from museums *winks*.


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