Thursday, April 21, 2011

Carpe Diem - Seizing LOVE via Facebook

Personal comment: I hate it when I read blogs and people don't update regularly (well, I am updating now =D Work's been rough, but at least majority of the testing is over... *gott sei dank*) 

So I finally got to read today, and I read that there is this dude, @ScribeDevil, (otherwise known as Matt Simpson) who is advertising for an accessible (and alcohol-friendly) love on Facebook. Why accessible? Well he has blocked off people outside USA, and under 21. And I know because... he went to Mashable to further check out others' comments on the article, and replied this when someone complained that they couldn't access the Facebook Page. Totally understandable, I would do that too, but I would probably sulk and seethe at the rude comments (like my Android Developer page).

His spiel for his ad?

“For tech-savvy folks like us,” he wrote in an email, “the gut reaction toward ‘creepy’ is not as strong. However, the public at large seems to have a difference reaction — either because it’s invasive or because it seems desperate.
“I think it’s a promotion-versus-attraction issue. The proliferation of dating sites has helped America accept attraction-based online dating. Promotion-based online dating is new. There’s got to be a reason that the big dating sites don’t offer added profile exposure for purchase.”

What do you think? I applaud his bravery. It's not a bad idea (although it is very obvious and weird that he "likes" his ad),  especially since he would be able to attract women who probably spend a lot of time on Facebook (indirectly... use computer a lot), i.e. someone who is hopefully as tech savvy as himself. I must admit, though, if I were to see the ad without the article... I would think it is a online honey trap that will send you to some phishing site or is a creative ad for *ahem* male escort service... If you are living in USA, and under 21, and a woman... you can read his ad for your own interest. For reasons alone, that pic with the zucchini makes me laugh.

On another note, I was telling Miss Piggy that I also did a shoutbox like her (see left of this blog), and that after several days of not having an shout, I am not sure whether I should be happy that I have such a low Internet presence. It is like having a Facebook account with no friends *haha* So we have been amusing ourselves by shouting at each others' blogs. I seriously need to get a life.

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