Saturday, April 16, 2011

おめでとうございますKazehaya and Sawako

After waiting for weeks, I finally got to catch up on the last three episodes of the Kimi Ni Todoke season 2. It had stopped at the tantalizing part where they were going to confess to each other at the summer festival. Season 2 had been a drag, because they were already on the path to being together at the end of season 1, but because of well-intentioned friend and their own hesitation, generated misunderstanding after misunderstanding... until B1 refused to watch it anymore. 

But at the end, it was still worth it. I am only sorry it ended. =d

*Jaw drop* the idiot Sawako took out the chocolates she wanted to give him during Valentine's but she didn't dare. Kazehaya actually ate them.... ew...are they even edible?

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