Monday, April 4, 2011

Excuse me are you dead yet?

This blog bitching is inspired by the highly entertaining study conducted by Eversave on 400 women and their love/hate relationships with their friends on facebook. For full read, click on the source above *thumbs up*.

You know why I don't have facebook? Probably the same reason why I use others' facebook accounts to access your information =D

I don't want people to see what I am doing.  You may consider this an oxymoron since I have such a public blog but I cannot and will not explain the rationale *winks*. Perhaps I am turning more and more into a recluse nowadays. I blog without a face, I have introverted activities, even a recent psychological test in a magazine said I was going to become a lone terrorist *haha*. 

I am extremely annoyed by people who add you as friend just because they are KPO/ want to live their lives vicariously through you/ want to gossip about you to others who also don't like you but want to know if you are dead yet (seriously if they like you, they don't only use Facebook to keep in contact). Sorry, but I just don't see the point.

Facebook to me is just a means for people to shout out to the world that they are alive and kicking while not having to waste tons of effort and words to maintain a blog, and for the rest of the world, to know "oh this guy is not dead yet".
Of course it is even worse, when people try to make small talk with me while at the cooler/ pass by me on the road/ see me at a lift/ before a meeting, and then forget my answer and ask me the same question the next time while at the cooler/ pass by me on the road/ see me at a lift/ before a meeting. I sometimes deliberately change my answer everytime. But it's ok, they won't remember my answer. This is what I call "social dementia". You don't actually give a crap, but you want to pretend you care.

Sometimes I swear I am turning Ally McBeal. I envision myself scratching desperately at the closed lift doors when someone asks me again for the 10th time (I don't exaggerate and say it is 100 times, but definitely it's been 10 times) if I still working in *censored* project. Well, it can't be as bad as Ms Piggy has it. We have encountered someone asking her if she was still doing her open university course, which has not been an amusing question since 2008 (when she actually graduated).

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