Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This week in Nibblezware : Everyday I turn a little bit more Lesbian

I  have no comments on the upcoming elections, other than I quote this line uttered by an Eypgtian Mother of a 19yo boy (referenced from the Situation Room Transcripts on the protests against Hosni Mubarak). "This is our fault. This is my generation's fault, because we didn't speak out when we should have. And now I look at our youth and what they're doing, and what they're having to go through to bring about this change, and this was actually my generation's responsibility. We failed them."

Other than that, the fact that I am more excited about Prince William getting married, says a lot actually.
*Shriek* Prince William is getting married!!! [Anyway I am fantastically busy at work so much so that I can't even stay awake to play CoH much. Yet, I am extremely willing to take leave to see Prince William and Kate Middleton walk down the aisle. Yes, this is the same person who struggled to work even when she was sick.]

What I can say is that, I came across this blog,, though I cannot remember why (was it during my hunt for german blogs, or something else) but I think this girl is drop dead gorgeous. Gott is so unfair. =d


Anyway I am convinced that it is true that some women do have the 带夫运. Example, my old buddy from university. You know, ever since I knew that guy, he has been having the most awful bad luck I had ever seen. Vater sold house for him to go uni, Mutter spends all the money, he had to borrow money from bank to study in the end, Vater went bankrupt, then had terminal cancer, he and his sister threw all their money into saving their Vater and then he died. Of course there were other spates of ill luck but it is not ok to say here. Anyway my friend sold his flat and bought another, so that his mother could be nearer to her relatives, and Boom!! He becomes attached after 33 years of living on this unforgiving land. 

Initially I thought that his girlfriend was rebounding from her extremely long relationship where the guy was a *censored*, and then I thought she was a bit fake. Despite that, it seemed that their relationship was growing in leaps and bounds so much that they are going to be married in exactly one year from their meeting each other (thereabouts I think). 

And then what did I hear? First he and his fiancee were supposed to settle the wedding banquet arrangements, and then the planner came down with stomach flu or something, and then they had to reschedule to the next day. Next day, the planner said the hotel was doing some wedding package deal, which started THAT day, and then she gave them a discount and threw in freebies. On Monday, when I bumped into him again on the bus, he told me he wasn't going to be around next week because he was going to Thailand. Why? They had apparently won a lucky draw from their wedding package deal, and are taking SIA (not Tiger Airways mind you) to Bangkok before going to a exclusive resort famous for celebrity sightings... Wah...I am quite happy that my friend's luck has turned and I think that the ex is a village idiot to let this woman go, especially when she has exhibited such 带夫运 power.

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