Friday, April 22, 2011

I went to HATCHED to eat Sausages

We intended to go HATCHED for Porkie's Birthday but after finding out screwed upon the location, we decided against it and went somewhere else instead.
So when B picked me up from work and suggested Colbar, I immediately jumped on the idea of going there instead. The place was very appropriately decorated, with farm-feeling crate-hued cupboards, and lots of chicken and egg ornaments. I was particularly fascinated by this crazy-eyed chicken, which seemed to beckon to me even more after I drank the so-called Rose Beer (more like was sadly un-frothy. I found myself sweeping surreptitious stares at that chicken, as hentai B cast covetous eyes at the poor girl sitting on the same row as me. 

I am not sure what's wrong with me, but somehow that day I wasn't hungry. Yet, I could not bring myself to eat what I deemed breakfast food (pancakes, waffles) or just egg dishes because I think the egg dishes were kind of expensive. Perhaps it did not help that I can cook pretty decent eggs myself. So in the end, we ordered only one egg dish, which was Baked Billy, a platter of sausages (it came in a set meal with 2 biers for S$30) and a ribeye steak. 

I was extremely turned off by the steak which came with a chocolate sauce. The second I smelled that odour, it rekindled images of NTU in my mind (back in the old days when I was still schooling, I had to endure a nasty permeating stench of boiling chocolate from the *not nearby* Cadbury chocolate factory. It has become the reason why I don't like to eat chocolates anymore, though I am still strangely good to go on chocolate ice-cream). Eww... B seemed to like the steak even though it seemed more cooked than the medium he ordered. The potato cubes on his plate were pretty charred though. 

My platter of sausages were pretty worth it, though I could not bring myself to finish them (for once, I couldn't finish the meal, and had B eat the rest of the sausages. He wouldn't touch the red sausage, said it looked bloody. I thought it tasted like 台湾香肠*haha*).

The Baked Billy was pretty good, it came with cheddar cheese, cubed tomatoes and mushrooms, bits of bacon and of course an egg inside. 

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