Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My life must be passing by in a horrible manner

That I can get excited at the notification that now I can lock my iPhone/ iPad/ DSLite/ laptop in the lockers outside das Büro without having an approval letter -.-''

No wonder in the Noose clip, the "Kim Jong Il" was saying "the people we give a little bit ... so when the people take a little bit they will appreciate everything..."

Tsk tsk. Will Good Friday never come? Sigh. Ich möchte frei haben!!!!

Just to cheer everyone up... here's a little local delight. La Sushi, La vee lee, La Cai Dao Kueh (local fried carrot cake). This really takes the cake! *haha*
Singlish - English dictionary *haha*:
Gahmen - Government
Simi - what?
Talk Ang mo - Speak English

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