Saturday, April 9, 2011

Double Boiling Soups - What to watch out for?

  1. Poultry like chicken, duck and pigeon can be cooked with skin intact in order to let its natural collagen be  dissolved in the soup. Remove the oil from the soup with an oil strainer before serving.
  2. Meat must be blanched and rinsed to remove the remaining blood and strange odor.
  3. Seafood like fish, sea cucumber, fish bladder and abalone can be blanched with ginger, spring onion and wine to remove its sea water smell and impurities. Soak the seafood in beer for about half an house before soup making. It removes the sea water smell and makes the soup more tasty.
  4. During cooking, vitamin C in radish will be destroyed by the hydro ascorbic acid enzyme in carrot, so do not cook carrot and radish together.
  5. Fish is rich in Omega3, protein and unsaturated fatty acid. Before putting the fish in the boiling water, shallow-fry it with some ginger slices to remove the smell. After this procedure, it gives the soup a milky white color.
  6. To protect the phosphorous in the bones, don't overcook the soup for too long. If it is overdone, the protein in the bones will be damaged and let the fat be dissolved in the soup. When boiling a soup with bones, you may want to add some drops of vinegar to facilitate the merging of calcium and protein so the body will easily absorb them.
  7. Put the ingredients in boiling water to preserve the nutrients of the food. If the water is cold, the disinfectant in the water will damage the vitamins in the meat.

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