Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ciabatta Sandwich

Since I am seldom at the house, I have a habit of dumping everything in the freezer, so that they will last just a bit longer...frozen carrots are scary. Unfortunately, this means that it is a bitch to defrost or thaw them especially since I wasn't going to get any old microwave (and therefore still hadn't). 

So we went to the supermarket downstairs, while B1 started queueing (because the queues were so long!!!!), I dashed around and bought mushrooms, the makings of a salad,  ciabatta and some ham (100g ham == 4 slices, how sad). 

I think I need to learn how to better portion the food. B1 doesn't eat much and I cook very generously. Even I had difficulty finishing the sandwich (though I enjoyed the leftover brisket soup). Yumz. 

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