Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who the fuck is Joel?

Today I was busy hunting for something when someone called. Actually I have been ignoring this number pattern, because I figured it was probably either an irritating telesales person offering me a loan or an insurance agent who got my number from god knows where. Trust me, there is nothing that will get my blood flowing than when I am busy at a meeting or discussion and someone calls me to waste my time.

However yesterday my vendor called with the similar first three numbers, during my meeting, so I totally ignored it. He later smsed me saying he just called, so I called him back after my meeting. Therefore today, I was irked to see a strange number, but since it had the same pattern as my vendor's, I picked it up.

"Hello, (almost typed my real name here *haha*)." Cheerful.

"Hi. Who's this?"

"It's me, Joel." In a tone that is surprised that I don't know her. 

"In what capacity do I know you?"
"Oh hi, (my real name). I am Joel from (idiotic Insurance Agency), I would like to offer you (blah blah, I had stopped listening)..."

I interjected, "I am not interested. Thanks for your time." Poot.

Of course this is not the most irritating. The most annoying situation happened on the day of the Sojabohnen Eis fiasco, when B1 was trying to comfort a very upset me with Mr Bean ice-cream. We were walking towards the shop when some chick popped up next to me.

"Hi Miss, do you know where is (some bank)?" Cheerful (this should be a sign).

I pointed it out to her, wondering why did she want to go there, since it was already evening and the bank has closed. 

"Congratulations, Miss! Because you have guessed the bank's location correctly, I would like to reward you with some vouchers, which you can get if you buy (some bloody Insurance. I also stopped listening, because I was *pissed*)."

B1 hurriedly dragged me away after waving the girl off with an abrupt "not interested." Guess he was interested in not letting me go to jail for EXTREMELY AGGRAVATED assault.

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