Sunday, November 20, 2011

one chicken two meals

I hate handling raw chicken. Especially those that still have the beady-eyed chicken heads dangling morosely from their lifeless bodies... I saw the Cold Storage was selling "fresh" chickens for S$8 (which is quite expensive), so I went past it to the delicatessen counter where the staff cajoled me into buying his BBQed items which were going at half price. He had one last Black Pepper Roast chicken so I bought that. Actually some years ago, I bought a book which taught how to make meals out of leftover roast chicken, but I later stupidly chucked it out, thinking I was above leftovers. I had evidently forgotten about the raw bird.

I made two meals out of that chicken, gingerly cutting the meat off the bones and making soup out of that and other parts that I wouldn't eat (parson's nose being one of them). The dark meat was used for lunch, and since I did not have an oven still, I painstakingly substituted roasting with steaming the dark meat then giving them in a quick turn in the frying pan, so that the skin remained nice and crisp. It was drenched in a homemade cashew nut and black pepper gravy, and accompanied by dry mashed potatoes (we ran out of milk, but we are so lazy to even go downstairs and buy milk or take out the remaining cream from the freezer) and portobello omelet.
The breast meat, I cut into smaller pieces and boiled it quickly with Fusilli and caixin in the stock I made with the inedible chicken parts and soy beans.Quick dinner on a cold night.

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