Sunday, November 20, 2011

Beautiful stories in English version of Woman's Weekly

I don't like to read the very shallow Singapore Woman's Weekly and the equally lame Australia Woman's Weekly. Instead I love the English version, which obviously targets the Tante in me. =D I love their short stories and to a lesser extent, the serialized ones because I can never borrow those magazines in order so I always miss a good portion of the story.

In the issue I was reading, there was an English couple who exchanged 675 love letters during WWII. They shortly married after the war and shared 60 beautiful years together until she passed on after their Diamond Anniversary. I love this kind of sentimental crap, especially the line Joan wrote "I shall think of you, Tony, as I watch the swallows flying home and I watch always for your return".

Short story from Women's Weekly which I thought is very true and well written

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