Wednesday, November 2, 2011


You know how I love to cyber stalk using Google right? So I ran my name again to see if I could find anything interesting (and remove it if possible).

Some time ago, I mentioned that there was a Chinese Mainlander lady with the same Chinese name as me and that she is now doing research at my ala mater? As for my English name, I have long since given up because it is such a lame ass bourgeois name. Though Google + yielded some chick whom Schnappi thinks is hot. I asked him to go to a nearby mirror and check out whether he has developed a belly and lost a lot of hair (I am referring to the stereotypical Caucasian male who loves Asian p***y).

Alas today, I found out that I had won something from the library. This would have been my third win, since I won two dictionaries, one pair of tickets to the Dains Festival some years back. And now I apparently won a gift pack but because I was locked out of two of my email addresses, I did not receive notification about my win and it has been forfeited.
Ohmigod I am such a fucking moron sometimes.

Yes there was another triple Face2palm again. I was playing CoH and told my teammate where I was going to drop the v1 and then I ended up blowing up two of his panthers and not a single enemy tank. Oopz. Luckily we have played together all the time so he is very indulgent of any stupidity on my part.

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