Thursday, November 24, 2011

Emo Elmo Me

Being stupid as usual, I cut my finger VERY DEEPLY after I was challenged by Vater to de-skin a pile of water chestnuts. And just to prove its my bad luck at work, it was the last chestnut. Now I cannot swim, until the bloody wound closes, so I decided to read some blogs, while praying that it does not rain. Oh come on, how will I get to see all the hotties if it keeps raining!!! Damn you Wetter, give me sunburn then rain on my parade...

The lady @ ThreeLittleBaers was saying that she unearthed her precious teddy bear while rearranging her cupboards. She showed her little boy the bear and told him about the stories she shared with teddy. At first it appeared that her son did not care, which kind of made her sad, but soon she saw her teddy hanging out with the rest of her son's precious toys. And teddy even got her own bed!

Damn, I am still feeling very emo, because I almost shed a tear when I read this. Hormonal imbalance. No wonder I picked a fight with a new friend in Skype (well, he is ignoring me now so no loss cos I HATE PETTY MEN *see it is that stupid emo elmo me at it again*) that day, when I was especially needy and EMO after doing OT despite being very sick.
I think I will love it if one day I decide to have a kiddie and kiddie wants to play with Mommy's toys. Toys are meant to be loved, and I would love it with my kid creates new memories with my toys. Ok, except Gerald. No one touches my Gerald. I once nearly killed a fat kid after he sat on Gerald. Motherfucker had the whole sofa, but he had to sit on my poor skinny bolster. I spent the entire chalet stay (he was my cousin's guest) inflicting psychological damage on him.

On other news, Ductuan got his cookies like 11 days ago (I sent them 17 days ago), while Schnappi, yesterday. I told Schnappi that they arrived just in time to go into the dustbin, but the boy insisted on trying a little bit (well they were all little bits, that's why the German police went to open the damn box, and therefore the delay). Yes, I can see how, they could appear as weed in a xray scanner (no).  Well, the poor boy can do what I predicted, line up the cookies like coke and inhale the crumbs...Not sure if B1's Japanese lover got hers =D

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