Saturday, November 5, 2011

Putien Lunch with a squealing Baby is scary

So I decided to start taking my one day off per week strategy to clear out my yesteryear leave, because we are very busy now so it is not very considerate to take all the leave at one go. Schnappi said it wouldn't be as restful as block leave would, but I think the emo drop after coming back from block leave is very much worse.

Still I did manage to enjoy myself yesterday. I convinced Mutter to smuggle the little darling, i.e. my baby Neffe, out to NEX. I promised her an excellent lunch. I was in need of one myself, after living like a puritan all these months since buying the *&%# apartment. Signs are showing that the disciplined life is killing me. I actually ran to the ThreeSixty supermarket at ION on Thursday. Somehow shopping in an atas supermarket restored my happiness bar, though I still hesitated to buy foie gras. Anyone knows where I can buy cheap but decent foie gras? I want to pan fry foie gras and beef cubes like the Lei Garden does. But I did buy two prepared filet mignon. Hmm. How to cook a decent filet mignon??? Youtube to the rescue!!!

I have never been to Putien so I was agreeable when Mutter suggested that for lunch. Apparently they have a ala carte buffet, my SIL later told me, but I stupidly ordered from the ala carte menu. O.Opz.
I didn't order much, just a Homemade tofu, Chicken in red lees (Love to eat that, still trying to figure out how to make it myself), White Lor Mee, and yam cubes. The yam cubes was interesting, deepfried and then adorned with a piquant (tastes sweet yet has a weird taste of shrimp *eek*) sauce.  But totally diminishing rate of returns after a few bites, it was a bit of struggle trying to finish the dish. The chicken was a disappointment, because the portion is kind of pathetic and not very tasty. The tofu was ordinary, I do not believe that they made it themselves, it tastes like the generic supermarket kind fried in lard.

I forgot to take a photo of the unmemorable tofu =D
Food wise it was kind of a blah, despite the unique dishes and my being very hungry, because of all the bloody MSG they put in them. This means an automatic ban for me.
Mutter ordered a special corn drink which cost an eye-watering SGD5.90, and myself a equally scary imported tea (from Taiwan) at SGD4.90. The drinks are not cheap! The lunch came out to be SGD65, plus tips. I had to tip them because of the emotional distress my Neffe caused *Hahaha*.
The little precious cried a bit when we struggled to put him into the baby chair (the irony that he cried later when I lifted him out of the same chair after the lunch was not lost on me). The restaurant gave us a corner table. Bad idea, because the Neffe could not be distracted by the goings-on outside, so he was extremely engrossed in distracting us. He kept squealing, not the cute baby kind but the piggy going to get killed kind, because he wanted us to feed him too even though he already had his lunch. I can see the resemblance between him and I in this case *haha*. Mutter fed him a banana but he wanted to be fed the banana at the same time we were having lunch. He didn't want to feed himself. One thing good about the baby was that he will accept any food =D so we gave him some tofu and Mutter's corn drink as well. He will eat anything but he will grin if he likes what he is tasting.

I apologized to the table next to us. I appreciated that they did not request to change tables despite the Neffe and after watching so much Crayon Shinchan, I figured it was good manners for destroying their dining experience. Besides when I am at a decent restaurant I do get annoyed at little children running around and making a lot of noise. So I can understand how they feel. On one hand, I despair at my baby Neffe squealing non-stop (powerful lungs the kid has), and yet I find him irresistible.

Service was excellent, but the waitresses did not help matters by teasing the baby. He is such a handsome little bugger so I am not surprised. We did draw some curious stares because he has a Caucasian-like complexion and I looked like his bloody Filipina maid who was handling him awkwardly. The waitresses kept walking to the table to play with him.

If I thought he cried excessively when we put him in his chair, it was nothing compared to when one of the waitresses put her head near the spoon, pretending to steal his banana. The baby cried like we were starving him. Tears rolled extravagantly down his cheeks like a waterfall. It must have been some banana, I was thinking. Thereafter he kept eyeballing at the same lady whenever she walked near the table.

Love the boy, but I think he is the best contraceptive a woman can have.

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