Thursday, February 11, 2010

For Men - Equation for the Optimal Proposal Age

Daily Mail excerpt "Revealed (Just in time for Valentine's Day): The maths formula that predicts your Optimal Proposal Age", 12 Feb 2010

The complex version of your OPA is

The simplied version is:
n = the oldest age you want to be married at
p = the earliest age you want to be married at

Simplified OPA = ((n -p ) * 0.368) + p

The 'Fiancée Formula' works on the basis of how old a man is when he starts looking for a life partner – combined with the oldest he’s prepared to be when he ties the knot.

I personally feel that it is rather erronous. I used n = 35, p = 20. Turns out I should propose when I am 22????

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