Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In Your Face, Google

The 山寨 strike again.

They miss Google so much, that in anticipation of Google pulling out of China (not even sure if that is even happening), they made Goojje. You know, 谷歌 (phonetically 哥, meaning brother) now 谷姐 (姐 meaning sister). In fact they made a really sardonic, somewhat lame and yet oddly amusing line about “哥的留下是为了姐,哥依然迷恋着姐”. Direct translation means Older Brother stayed behind because of Older Sister, because he remains captivated by her. Up to you to interpret who is Sister and who is Brother. haha.

I smell a lawsuit.

I went to test the search engine, thinking that it was reflecting search results from google. Oh yes, it is... not even Bing is that "in your face" to Google. This is going to be fun!!!

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