Thursday, February 25, 2010

Der Bär umzieht Haus

I bought the longer wooden frame some years ago, together with a shorter one to hold the dried and paper rose bouquet I made for the Town Mouse. The bear was a MacDonald's Happy Meal gift and the rest of the furniture I bought during some sale.

It was way past time for the bear to move in.

Sigh, I threw out the cans of varnish I got for another craft (and never used) while spring cleaning some years ago. So I had to buy some new varnish, this time a water-based varnish from Daiso, as well as some other materials.

The new house now has a rice wallpaper, boarded floor, and a framed picture. Nett, nicht wahr? I wonder if people pay for this kind of stuff? Seriously, how much would you pay for this?

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