Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How Big means not Beautiful Enough 1 - Revenge of the underpaid Salesperson

When I read the article that the journalists went undercover mystery shopping, deliberately wetting themselves as if they were sweaty and went into Far East Plaza shops to try on dresses, to see if the shop persons would stop them.

I think that is a really STUPID test. If you want to find out how really offensive shop owners and salespersons can be, try being a big chick. Sometimes I swear, it's almost as if they get their little jolly kicks out of being mean to a person who is larger than them because their hearts have fermented due to their bitterness and sourness towards their shitty low salaries. To which I would like to say, everyone has a contribution to society. Your job may not pay you much, but if you'd rather take a bullet to the brain than be nice to a potential customer, then change industry. It's not our fault. We come into your shop because we want to try on a dress, and if we like it, we buy it. Not because we want to soak in your nasty attitude and have our self esteem flayed by mean-hearted bitches like you.

Sometimes they are so evil and myopic that they sneer "We don't have YOUR size" or "I don't think you can wear this". I remember a few years ago at the Triumph Underwear Section in the Raffles City SOGO outlet (SOGO has since closed down), I asked a teenage salesgirl for a bigger cup bra. She immediately responded "it's because you are fat that's why you cannot wear." (I never bought Triumph ever after that, and neither did my Mother, who was with me when we used to buy all our underwear from Triumph. )

What the fuck! Just this evening, I had some time before I met up with my friend, and was happily chatting on my phone to the Town Mouse, while shopping at the Ying and Yang at Plaza Singapura. I had bought a few outfits there before, and was holding onto a few dresses that I was going to try later because I was still on the line with the persistent Mouse.

I saw the salesperson hovering in the background as I was still looking through the rack, while chatting. Then when I put down the phone, she asked me "are you shopping for SOMEONE ELSE?"


I suppose it's because they do not get commission for the items they sell, so they don't give a flying F if you buy or not. Harlo, if you are not getting a commission, was zum Teufel is wrong with letting anyone try your freaking outfits? Speaking of service, I had some excellent service at the Anna Nucci shop at Far East Plaza yesterday. Bought two pairs there. Such sinning. But I was delighted with the service and was easily convinced to buy more.

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