Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ming Chung Restaurant

I heard about this restaurant in Maude Road from my colleague, famous for its white Lor Mee and also for serving Heng Hwa food (since 1930 something).

So just now, after violin lesson, we rushed over to the place to check out the food. Mercifully we did not have to wait long since it was quite late after my lesson ended. That the restaurant was reasonably full at 10 plus pm on a Wednesday was quite commendable. In fact, we got a table as soon as we arrived, and the food started appearing less than 5 minutes later.

Unfortunately, the food was TERRIBLY salty. Even the unfussy Town Mouse was disturbed by what we ate, and he said to me, that he would never go there ever again. We had ordered Seaweed soup with pork slices, the famous white lor mee, and prawn paste chicken (arriving in that order). I could not excuse the poor quality due to the fact that we were the only order at that time. There was no reason for the chef to rush and do such a poor job at it.

The soup - Seaweed soup was very, very salty. The meat was over-floured, tasted gummy. Town Mouse was convinced that the meat was uncooked, which I told him it was not.

White Lor Mee - Ingredients were relatively fresh, no stale shellfish, I liked how the fatty pork is the braised kind, noodles not very Q. Soup was fragrant, and tasted better with a little vinegar.

Prawn paste chicken - no standard. The coffee shop near my house served better. The chicken was dry, over fried until it turned dark, and the chili sauce that came with it was overwhelmingly salty that I could taste the salt after that horrible soup.

Service was not bad, the aunty was quite friendly. We also got a little table-side entertainment when the boss (I think) went to taunt his staff, who apparently has been hoarding ingredients like a squirrel and was going to bring back one whole bag. Anyway they emptied the bag back into the fridge. At one point, he got really mad and said that luckily this (restaurant) wasn't a luxury hotel restaurant, with staff like this, the restaurant will be robbed blind and close down.

The food was affordable, S$28 with beer and drinks. Needed the drinks with the salt content. Still drinking water now...

Ming Chung Restaurant
67C Maude Road, Singapore 208348
6296 3428

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