Friday, February 12, 2010

Why you should not eat sashimi at Waraku

A few weeks ago, I was talking about my friend who complained a lot about the service at Waraku (the Central branch) and how funnily the vouchers already came pre-printed with the apology for bad service (my friend's girlfriend still owes me the pic).

So last Sunday, after the free Ruan performance at the Esplanade (oh crap, I forgot to blog about that), the two mice wandered to the original Waraku branch at Marina Square. The greedier one (of course, me) chose this swordfish sashimi special @ S$4.80, since I recently developed quite a taste for it.

I must state here that I can be extremely fussy about my food. The more expensive the establishment, the more I scrutinize, food, service and ambience. I seldom eat sashimi at a restaurant unless it is frequented by Japanese expats (I use them as my quality benchmark). This means that so far, I only eat at Sun and Moon, and my fav places at Cuppage Plaza (which I am not stupid enough to say the names here).

Guess what? Service at Waraku was tolerable but slow, even though we ate before the dinner crowd, and they sat the guests at nearby tables. They are polite, but they don't look you in the eyes when they exclaim their appreciation of your patronage. I noticed because I was smiling at them.

But the food? Just look at the sashimi. Mushy and gummy...straight from the freezer to the fridge before dying again on my plate.

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