Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Theme of this mind-boggling shot - "Pointless"

If I were one of those ants, I would have flung myself off the shoelace and committed glorious suicide. Do not even begin to ask me why was a shoelace stuck to a bus stop sign. I can't even imagine how it got there in the first place, though I am fairly intrigued.

Disclaimer: I keep flipping through my camera's images. I do a lot of loner stuff (I have long concluded that if it weren't for the other third of the BB team, this BB will probably die alone, just like how my favourite characters in The Big Bang Theory often predicted their own miserable end) it seems, and not much gets uploaded, because I rapidly lose interest or deem said stuff as too stupid to be of interest. In other cases, I don't even recall whether I have uploaded them before *haha*. If you see repeated entries or images, please inform me. Much appreciated.

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