Thursday, February 11, 2010

What a ton of crap

CBS has totally scrapped the bottom barrel of ideas this time. Keeping in theme with the current credit crunch, poor American economy and the frustration of the common people towards corporate assholes who make a lot of money and bad decisions, they decided to humanize said personalities, by making the highest ranking executives go undercover and work entry-level positions in their own companies.

What the show highlighted and emphasized, is... it's true. Top executives really sit around and make a lot of impressive bombastic promises. Larry O Donnell who is the first victim of this really stupid show (I say victim, because the show exposed him as ironically, someone his own company wouldn't hire...slow and inept. Oh yeah, they definitely humanize him alright, from the oh-so-superior President and COO to the bumbling lao pehpeh who is one slow mover and learner), went around taking on menial jobs around the country at Waste Management, and managed to get fired from one of them.

And then at the end of the show, he sat with the leaders in his company, and made a lot of wild promises to raise worker morale and indirectly productivity by removing some of the nasty profit-generating policies he endorsed in the first place.

You just see. If the changes for a more worker-friendly environment were effected and then they discovered that the profits plunge... won't be a surprise if those terrible policies creep back one by one. No wonder the plant manager was smirking. He probably came up with that two minute for one minute delay because bad apples were abusing the system.

Fred the positive thinking guy (you know, the one who kept himself happy cleaning crap from porto toilets for 10 years!!!) ironically left the company. Probably the pay still sucks, even after your boss loves your positive attitude and makes you do more... there was no way you can remain happy.

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