Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My belated Christmas present finally came from France!!!

First of all (and lest I forget) Merci Beaucoup Karirin, for this wonderful present!!!

It took a very long time (even longer than my later present to France which took about 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year) but Kari's Christmas present of the long awaited Vanini Vanina ist hier!!!
Bloody Amazon, I was muttering some evil thoughts about Amazon and the Singapore Post Office, and checking my mail almost everyday. But now that it is here, I could almost kiss that horrible phone operator, who was bloody annoying to me last Saturday (I was almost tempted to tell her where to shove her "you should have asked your friend to use registered mail"). I am really liking 2012.
This will be the first dual language book I have in French and English. I have only those in Mandarin and English (being too super lazy to read Mandarin). Haha.



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