Friday, May 18, 2012

3rd day of Diablo III

My Level 23 inventory and stash
I am doing pretty good at Diablo III.

First day (Dienstag) B1 started installing then playing, while I stayed on CoH because I had promised vlong I would play with him.

Second day (after violin class), I installed Diablo III and played. B1 is level 15 but he played with me so that I could uprank faster. I would have preferred to slowly wander around the map to enjoy the game. Instead he kept rushing me through the game to the big bosses. I ended up with rank 5 (alot of time was wasted at downloading).

Donnerstag (2nd day of playing), we started playing after the server came up at about 10pm and I got to level 13 before we went to bed.

Today is Freitag. I got to level 23 and I have quite a few rare items. Can't wait for the actual cash auction house to open up so that I can sell stuff =D (which is one of the reasons I dumped CoH).

Tomorrow is Samstag. I will play CoH and Diablo III with vlong. I had given him one of the free guest passes in the game (the other went to 12).

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