Thursday, May 10, 2012

B1's quest for Live Squid

One thing that B1 was very adamant while we were on the trip. He must try live squid, which he heard would stick to his tongue in an altogether disgusting and scary way I thought. We were staying at Myeondong which is one of the hip cool places that South Korean youth like to hang out. It has a lot of shopping malls, shops, street food (which came out at night, helping to shape a vibrant nightscape with the neon lights from the buildings) and restaurants.
Check out the item circled red... It is the LIVE squid (well, it used to be live)
However it was with some difficulty that we finally managed to find a restaurant with live squid in the area. We He (I just sat there and made faces) had it with beef bulgogi, lots of interesting kimchi (including marinated raw soft shell crabs, which both of us boycotted).

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