Sunday, May 20, 2012

How do I know I play too much Diablo III

Yesterday I logged into CoH to play with T, but found R instead and played a stonewall. I had to resist smashing the barrels by the Manor for free gold and weapons. zzz.

I played so much that I missed out on International Museum Day on Saturday, when all the Singapore Museums were FREE ENTRY for the day. It was a technicality, since I already missed it in the Friday newspaper announcement.

I am now level 36 37 Monk. =D I was 15 levels behind B1, and now I have shot past him. We realized that Babarians and Demon Hunters are really better for fighting. Well, at least I can heal myself and others (as long as I stop propping my head on my left hand, and use the latter for the keyboard hot keys)

The AI that they did for Diablo 3 is really good. So in nightmare mode, the difficulty has been increased, so since B1 is a pretty useless (when it comes to defence) wizard, we depend on my fire ally as a pawn for the enemies =D
Oh if only they were three hot men...

I was chased around a bush by three Grotesques, while trying to recover my healing spell and drinking a healing potion. It was really funny, four of us going around a bush for two rounds already, when suddenly one of them actually changed direction. Impressed. I thought it could go on infinitely or crash (which happens when I am the coder *shameless hahahaha*).
Day 5 @ Level 37

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