Monday, May 28, 2012

50 levels of fucked - Potentially sleeping on the streets..

I left getting the accommodation (two nights) at one of the destinations, S, too late. I am so fucked. Should have realized this city is much popular than the others that I am going. Shit shit shit.

So far I have been rejected by two B&Bs. I cast out a wider net. Emailed three more. Maybe we will end up camping or sleeping on the streets.

Well, I tapped heavily on my "creepy" skills, as someone once called it, and summoned the powers of Google to hunt down suitable accommodation.  What was really extremely funny was that, one of the B&Bs which cruelly rejected my $ and my admiration for their beautiful surroundings, referred to me to a nearby B&B. I emailed them (as mentioned earlier), but after tingling with anxiety that they did not see my email or misunderstood me (I did not use English), I went to their site and left a message there as well, this time in English.

What was damn funny was that, when I came home and checked my email, I received an email from the site first, then intriguingly on top of it (so it arrived later) was the direct email reply as well. The reply from my query to the site (English) said no room sorry, but really *lol* funny enough, the email (reply to my query written in another language) said there was, even though that email arrived later....could it be because they gave higher priority to people who can understand their language.

Oh we are fucked again =D... I hope Google translate is accessible there. Hahahah.

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