Tuesday, May 15, 2012

野柳海洋世界 Yehliu Geological Park (Part 1) - The Village itself

Taipei to Yehliu 野柳海洋世界:
From Taipei Intercity Bus Terminal (on Chongqing N. Rd., just west of Taipei Railway Station and Guoguang Bus Terminal West), take a Kuokang Bus headed for "Jinshan" and alight at "Yehliu"; after alighting, walk through the village and across the parking lot to the entrance of Yehliu Geological Park. What you don't know is that the place is really deep inside and when you reach the geological park you are rewarded with more walking and...CLIMBING. Bring an umbrella, wear sunblock and drink lots of water!

The bus to Yehliu is at counter 19, run by Kuokang Bus Co. from Taipei Main Bus Station which is outside Taipei Railway Station.
The Bus tickets. It's been so long, I can't remember how much they cost. Oopz
We walked to the Intercity Bus Terminal from Taipei Railway Station. On hindsight, we could have stayed in the area because there was so much shopping to be done in the area. Luckily I am not the shopping kind of girl. We had already "topo"ed the night before to make sure we would find the place, as we were going to cover a lot of areas the next day. From Taipei, it was one long bus ride to Yehliu, then Jiufen, Jingusashi before Keelung (we did not see much of Keelung because we were exhausted at the end of day).
Mr B still smirking despite the usual crouch pinching. He was the only one still smiling
We sat a long and winding bus ride to Yehliu where me and my fats were disgusted to realize that we would have to walk all the way into the the Geological Park *cue here for screaming*  in a sweaty morning where the sun is but a dollop of yellow on an azure sky.

Even though it was a LONG distance in (I was even more "delighted" that there was even more walking and CLIMBING to be done upon reaching the park), we enjoyed checking out the sights in the sleepy town.

The buildings cut sharp angles against the road as everyone hid from the sun. Tour buses with curious tourists streamed past us as we choked on their exhaust along the waterfront.
Typical fishing boats
Yehliu village appears to be a little fishing port, with many boats parked by the side of waterfront. The day's catch laid out in the sun, emitting salty sea odors as we passed. We saw baby squid and these tiny little fish, which seemed to make bad eating, but was apparently used in some condiment which you can buy as omiyage for unsuspecting relatives.
Bad eating drying in the hot sun, emitting Bad smells
As is typical of a fishing port, there is an imposing temple where fishermen and their families can pray for safety at sea.

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