Monday, May 7, 2012

Training to go on holiday? WTF?

Though seriously unfit, I always do backpack holidays ever since I was 15 and on a tour group to Hongkong, saw the same inevitable steamed minced pork dish for 14 consecutive meals. The whole family was traumatized enough to never cook this dish ever again (though I did once at the new house, because we are poor people and cannot complain. Also frozen minced pork was on sale.)

After realizing that I have 34 days of leave, I have decided to go *censored*. Planning is ongoing, and we will definitely be visiting with my friends there. I am seriously looking forward to this trip, especially meeting up with them. Looking through the WIP itinerary, I feel the familiar chill down spine where I ambitiously plan a lot of activities but then lack the energy and endurance to survive it). Case studies: Japan (+ winter clothes, wrapped up like Michelin Man), Vietnam (fucking upslope and worse, downslope paths) and Desaru (cycling 104km).

B1 loves to remind me of my old stupid mantra which I said proudly to him before the first time we had to trek a lot on a trip, which was Japan. Our first trip together was to S. Korea where he had a conference and I had a light-hearted hike through the Seoul Zoo *trust me it was a hike from/to the train station and within the zoo*.

"We are going to walk all day and walk all night!"

And three days into the trip, treking through an open air art museum in Hakone where we carried our 18kg backpacks (we are stupid packers, and ended up with 36kg on our backs and bodies by the end of the trip) in the middle of winter, "I am so cold, I am so tired..." Whine whine.

One thing for sure, I need to exercise. The only form of exercise I ever do is swimming and not enough of it. Besides I am not going to swim up rivers like a salmon for my trip. So... it might be time to visit other forms of exercise. Sigh. Problem is climbing stairs almost make me heave out a lung or two. But I have to do something about it or my humiliation will be complete if I get left behind by my middle-aged friends...and they already said we will be doing a lot of walking during the upcoming trip. I have to admit, I had a chill down spine when they wrote me that they went running on a recent trip. RUNNING!

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