Thursday, May 3, 2012

Long Lost Shoes

Well, the two pairs of rubi shoes I bought gave out after they encountered some bouts of angry rain, which weakened the glue (ohmigod, cheap shoes are so badly made).

So I thought, since I need new flat heels for my violin class... why not go and buy some? Then dear Mutter unearthed some pairs of shoes (woman probably wants to free up the space for her own shoes), that she said I had forgotten.

Thanks mom. I didn't even remember having the red ones. oopz. Anyway given how my upcoming *censored* is going to bleed me dry (it already does), I might as well swap these for my high heels when it's time for violin class instead of buying a new pair. Sigh.
Anyway I found out why B1 didn't pick me after his evening out, he was totally wasted, until he puked on the new shirt I bought him. No wonder he kept asking me to wash the clothes the next day, and looked totally guilty and sheepish when he was caught washing the same shirt again by me.

After my outside meeting, I went out for lunch with my client, only to end up buying two dresses and two new pairs of black stockings (my old ones were starting to ladder). Sigh.

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