Friday, May 11, 2012

Neu rules in Company of Heroes to myself

(1) Whoever tells me no rangers in USA stonewall can play by himself. I am not even fond of USA stonewall and only play it to humor 3 persons, 12ax7, Tancock and someone der ich denke meinen Freund ist, aber er nicht mich wie gleich sieht. I am not playing USA stone for the foreseeable future.
(2) I will not play once I am tired. Go to bed on time and face the reality that work sux & Arbeit macht mann Geld.
(3) I will sleep early on Friday nights and play with the Amerikans on Saturday instead of lurking till very late waiting for the Europeans who make me play stuff I don't like. I must buy groceries before I play if not I will get left with rubbish veggies that those aunties have ran riot over with their pinching fingers already.
(4) I will buy Diablo 3 and cut down on playing CoH until CoH2 is ready and Schnappi comes back. Level 16 is the highest I will ever reach so no use bothering anymore.
(5) I cut off making friends with fellow gamers outside game.

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