Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hallo DiabloIII Auf Wiedersehen CoH

CoH no longer holds much charm for me. Admittedly one of the few reasons why I play that game is because I want to practise my German, which is why I reach out to players in the game. Then after that, I stayed in the game because of friends I made. Since today I already have said German friends that I am happily in contact with, I think it should be time to call it a day on the game and move on, until CoH2 comes, and just play CoH on weekends, or when friends email me specifically to play on a certain date.

So that's why I am moving onto DiabloIII, which B1 got me, as a surprise after I saw it at Sim Lim Square while buying my anti-virus last week.

DiabloIII installation reminds me of work. Ominous sign. 

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