Sunday, May 27, 2012

Music Recital featuring the Clarinet

Ok, so maybe we have been playing too much Diablo III. Starting to wonder what for, especially as I am starting to develop headaches playing. I also kind of miss playing with CoH friends, especially when I can trap them in conversations during long games. But now CoH is a super dead town because it is summer and everyone is out at the beach, to quote one CoHer friend. I have also been neglecting my German (many weeks), my violin (two weeks - last lesson was embarrassing), and the blog (one week).

So it was opportune that Tante dragged us out to watch a recital at the Australian International School. I have to admit, the reason why I wanted to go was because I have never seen the inside of this school despite passing by it a few times.
Outside the school

The inside of the school
Tante's friend's son was performing. He was the main feature, the clarinetist and the programme expressedly featured his instrument with some solos as well. I have to admit I hate the clarinet almost as badly as I hate the French language, so I was annoyed to discover that it was the main feature. Tante had not said what performance it was (I had naturally assumed that it was the violin). Anyway Tante called the clarinet a trumpet (in Mandarin) when she saw it, so I shouldn't be very surprised.
The Music Recital Programme

That said, I was very intrigued that the audience was totally made up of Singaporeans. The only foreigner was the guy playing the viola. Turned out most of the audience was friends or family members of the clarinetist, which says much for his character, since he has been away for 10 years Down Under to practise his craft. I found it very interesting that he even provided a buffet after the event. It seemed more like an informal session. The guy must have spent a lot of money to put this on. I was quite impressed.
Despite my misgivings, I really liked the performance, though I cannot profess I understand the instrument. I am always impressed by musical performances, since I am overcome by embarrassment when playing my violin or speaking German. So I always admire people who dare to perform in public. Tante liked the first one, probably because of the Chinese element. I liked the Overture a lot. I am thinking of grabbing the string version. 
I also realized that my stupid camera has gone from bad to atrocious. I will need to spend even more $ to replace it soon. Too bad I am too broke to buy a DSLR.

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  1. "I have to admit I hate the clarinet almost as badly as I hate the French language". What exactly is wrong with French? I'm French, and the vast majority people love it, unless they have a problem with the people themselves.



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